Your Personal & Business Financial Planning Service

Bespoke advice and support through the

Start-UpGrowthExpansion & MaturityExit

of your entrepreneurial journey.


Your Personal & Business Financial Planning Service

Bespoke advice and support through the

Start-Up / Growth / Expansion & Maturity

of your entrepreneurial journey.

Empowering entrepreneurs to establish, grow, realise and enjoy the value created within their business.

Whatever your business ambitions may be, we want to help you to achieve them.

Every entrepreneurial journey has its unique challenges, the twists and turns along the way are part of the experience.
With the help of Elephants Child, the Lester Brunt Business Growth Initiative can help you keep your business on a firm footing and ensure you are always ready to take the next step.

Maximising Business Growth

As a business owner, you want to maximise the growth rate and valuation of your company. Wherever you are in your Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) journey, our Business Growth Initiative is made for the risk takers, dreamers, employers, and profit-makers.

Every business is different, and these unique characteristics require tailored services to address personal and business needs.

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Our Business Growth Initiative*

Success is driven by passion, which is why our Business Growth Initiative has created a community of high-potential businesspeople within Small and Medium Enterprises, available to share expert advice from every aspect of enterprise growth. Peer-to-peer advice and support is on-hand to increase the growth rate and valuation of your business, so you can keep building and progressing. By collaborating with a network of advisery support specialists, including business consultants, our Business Growth Initiative can offer support from the very start of your journey, right through to whatever you decide to do next.

Establishing and Maintaining a SME

It can be a lonely experience without support but with our Business Growth Initiative available for guidance, if you know you can turn to experts who can offer first-hand advice and support. There are opportunities to get together with the community via networking events and briefings and the level of support you need can be chosen by you.

Advice can be in the form of a succinct email every month, a scheduled phone call or a meeting with a dedicated adviser.

Elephants Child

We work in conjunction with an extensive network of external growth advisers and Small and Medium Enterprise specialists, like Elephants Child.

Whatever the size or the sector of your SME, Elephant Childs’ business advisery processes ensure ambition and clarity can be reached, so you are happy with a plan of action to help you achieve your next steps.

Elephants Child combine experience with tried and trusted practices to create a tangible impact and support you in achieving your goals.

Getting Started

Elephants Child runs CEO sessions that are designed to progress your business and push it forward. Meetings are driven by your agenda, flexible to use as a simple sounding board, examine a problem or explore strategic options. This is an opportunity to leverage the knowledge and experience of business experts and explore the options and opportunities available to you. You will leave the meeting with a different perspective and a number of ideas about how to drive your business forward.

Early Growth Stage

A fundamental element of any company, is a business strategy that anticipates expansion and development. A plan created within the early growth stage of your business leads to clarity and strategic intent, as you are more likely stay on target with three-year and annual operating plans in place. With active plans in use, you should be able to articulate your vision and the objectives required to get there.

Expansion and Maximising Profits

If you are in the expansion stage of your business, you may be considering your funding need, capital structure and the best approach to meet the funding requirements of your goals.

Our advisers have the knowledge and experience to answer your funding questions and also introduce you to partners who can help bring these goals to reality.

Exit, Sale or Succession

Working with Lester Brunt’s Business Growth Initiative and Elephants Child will help you prepare for the various steps and decisions along the way, on your route to exit, sale or succession from your company.

From understanding the risks to emphasizing the necessary due diligence, all the way through to increasing value and appealing to the right buyer, our Business Growth Initiative is there on every step to offer reassurance and provide their experience and knowledge to ensure a successful sales completion.

Exit strategies may involve the referral to a service that is separate and distinct to those offered by St. James’s Place.


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