Lester Brunt

Our Community

Working in our local community to make a difference.

We work within our community to help build strong business and community relations, strengthening relationships between our neighbours and charity organisations.

We've worked closely with the Bowra Foundation since its inception in 2019 and they have been one of our charities of choice for our annual golf day since 2020. The Bowra Foundation are a charity set up to help those with neurological conditions. We are proud to support the Bowra Foundation in its mission, to see how we get involved head over to 'Our Story' page.

Our relationship with Ferndown Golf Club goes back to the very beginning of Lester Brunt. We are proud to be the corporate sponsor of one of the Top 100 golf courses in the UK and to help the team at Ferndown with growing the game of golf on a local level. Engaging so closely with a key pillar of our local community is something we are tremendously proud of, supporting the club with its charity and social endeavours throughout the years. The host venue for our own annual charity golf day, we are grateful to have a relationship with such a prestigious and respected organisation in our local community.

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Our Ambassadors

Julie Copland

Julie has been with us from the very beginning, joining Lester Brunt in 2013 and excelling as our Risk and Compliance manager until 2021. In 2022 Julie began her new role with Lester Brunt, as one of our Ambassadors, helping to grow and further our relationships with businesses across the board. Julie's work with Lester Brunt enables us to form new, strong relationships with organisations and clients, enabling Lester Brunt to widen our reach to more people in need of our services.

Our Ambassadors

Chris Knight

Chris joined Lester Brunt in 2018, working alongside Julie Copland as our Business Development Manager, and was instrumental in helping us to grow our community of businesses and expand our adviser network. In 2022 Chris took on a new role as a Lester Brunt Ambassador, building relationships in our local area as well as nationally with sports clubs, like-minded organisations and the Ministry of Defence. Chris’s work is invaluable to us as we continue to grow and strengthen our existing relationships across the board.